Industrial Laundry Nets & Accessories

Premium Poly Netting


Available Colors:

Black, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Brown, Silver, Orange

Available Sizes:

15-inches X 20-inches
18-inches X 24-inches
18-inches X 30-inches
24-inches X 36-inches
30-inches X 40-inches

Closures: Barrel Locks

Laundry Net Accessories

bagpg_2The following features can be added to any style net:

+ Velcro

+ Pocket 63or 83 installed (inside or outside net)

+ Cotton or nylon patch (sewn onto net)

+ ID flags hanging from side or center bottom

+ Rubber closures (1 hole or 3 hole)

+ Drawcord in net

+ Two-toned colored bags

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