Laundry Sling Solutions

Industrial Bag produces a full line of strong slings, durable enough to withstand the demands of automation and conveyor programs. Our Workflow Engineers will work with you, without charge to set up sling systems that are customized to your specialized needs.


Dont throw those old laundry slings away! Let us repair them like new. Well patchem, well fixem, well fix the straps & well add new rope & rope holds. Just wash em out, and send em in. Youll have them back in one week, new!


420 Denier Nylon Pac-Cloth

Available Colors:

+ Yellow
+ Red
+ Royal Blue
+ Navy Blue
+ Orange
+ Green

Laminated Nylon Mesh:

+ Yellow
+ Gray
+ Blue
+ Green
+ Black
+ Tan
+ Orange

Heavy Duty Nylon Mesh:


Laundry Sling Accessories

+ 1000 FT Laundry Sling rope
+ Yellow Rope Holds

Industrial, Hospital & Institutional Laundries 

+ Nylon
+ Polyester
+ Mesh
+ Quick Release
+ Color Coding & Color Slings
+ Webbing Closure
+ Rope & Ropehold

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